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Four Way Cross Dividers
Chuck Nuytten has developed these steel dividers to be installed under your carburetor. These dividers greatly improve throttle response and mid range torque. They are perfect for bracket racers, street racers, and other applications where instant response is needed from your engine.

5011 - Cross divider for 4150 carburetors
5012 - Cross divider for 4500 dominators

5014 - Jet Extensions
Chuck Nuytten designed jet extensions are for use in the secondary bowls of Holley® carburetors. If your car launches hard, you will need these extensions to keep the jets in contact with the fuel in the bowl. Our jet extensions allow use of the standard Holley® brass float and still allow proper float drop. No machining or special floats are required.
Now available in a special shortened version. Ask a salesperson for details.

Tunnel Ram Linkage Kits
Linkage Kit
Enderle’s linkage kits are the best on the market. These kits feature splined shafts and arms to permanently keep adjustments. They also feature total adjustability by utilizing right and left hand heims. Chuck Nuytten Carburetors has kits in stock for split dominators all the way through basic small block Chevrolet designs.
5100 - Split dominator kit with diagram
5101 - Split dominator accessory kit. This kit gives you a 90 degree alteration to linkage kit for push/pull with length of car.
5110 - BBC sheet metal manifold
5115 - BBC cast manifold
5120 - SBC cast manifold
5130 - SBC sheet metal manifold
5135 - Chrysler 440

Fuel Line Kit
All of our fuel line kits include hard anodized AN fittings, and stainless braided line. You have your choice of just the parts for assembly at home or the pre-assembled kit. NOTE: Customers choosing the #8 line kit will also need the bowl fitting conversion kit if they do not already own #8 carburetor inlet fittings.
7016 - #6 line kit assembled
7018 - #8 line kit assembled
7028 - Two(2) #8 inlet fittings for carburetor to adapt to #8 line kit

CN CARB Order Version 2

Fuel Bowls
134-103 Primary bowl for center hung float, 4150, 2300
134-104 Secondary bowl for center hung float, mechanical secondary, 4150
134-108 Primary bowl for dominator
134-112 Secondary bowl for dominator

5030 Contains 8 plastic fuel bowl screw gaskets
29-4 Contains 4 metering block gaskets for 2300 & 4150 carburetors
33-4 Contains 4 bowl gaskets for 2300, 4150, and 4500 carburetors
36-4 Contains 4 metering block gaskets for 4500 dominators

37-474 Rebuilds Holley® 350 & 500 two barrels
37-485 Rebuilds most 750 & 850 mechanical secondary carburetors
37-487 Rebuilds 1050, 1150, & 1250 dominators
37-1312 Rebuilds Holley® 750 & 850 alcohol carburetors

5020 Holley® jets, size range from 42 to 100 (priced per jet)
5025 Chuck Nuytten’s special alcohol jets utilizing the standard Holley® thread.
5026 Chuck Nuytten’s special oversize thread alcohol jets for Chuck Nuytten alcohol dominators.