75% Gas / 25% Alcohol Mixture Carburetors

Chuck Nuytten Carburetors has a new carburetor design offering the benefits of alcohol without the added maintenance. The new design is based on using a fuel mixture of 75% racing gas to 25% racing alcohol. Benefits include:

  • Easier to start.
  • Fewer oil changes.
  • Uses same fuel system required for racing gasoline.
  • Decreased fuel system service time. Racing gas helps as a lubricant to protect from water scale.
  • Easier to tune and more dependable.
  • Uses less fuel than a 100% alcohol system.
  • Spark plugs read like an engine on racing gas.
  • Uses the same spark plug heat ranges as gas.
  • Oxygen sensors function better and have more consistent readings.
  • Water temperature runs 20 to 25 degrees cooler than gas.
  • Motor is quicker to warm up for use.
  • 75/25 is more successful in lower compression motors than using 100% alcohol.
  • Produces strong mid-range torque with high RPM horsepower.
750 cropped A

Models Available

  • 750-2003GA
  • 750-2004GA
  • 850-2003GA

1000HP cropped B

HP Series
  • 750HP-2003GA
  • 950HP-2003GA
  • 1000HP-2003GA

  • 1050-4003GA
    Dom Shiny Crop C
  • 1050-4004GA
  • 1150-4003GA
  • 1150-4004GA